Fire Extinguisher Services

The First Step to fire protection is making sure your fire extinguishers are ready to go. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense, so its important that each fire extinguisher is properly inspected and tested by a certified and trained technician per NFPA 10. Thats where Jackson Hole Security comes in. With our highly trained and certified team, we make sure your fire extinguishers are ready to go!




Services we provide:

  • Sales/Service- we are an authorized dealer for AMEREX Fire Protection Equipment
  • We service all makes of fire extinguishers
  • Installation- New extinguishers and mounting options
  • Monthly Inspection-you don't have to be certified to do the monthly checks, NFPA requires extinguishers to be checked monthly, these duties include:
  1. Making sure the extinguisher is in its designated spot and properly mounted
  2. Verify that the gauge is in operating pressure
  3. Examine that there is no physical damage,broken parts, or agent leaking from the extinguisher
  • Annual Inspections- The Annual maintenance of a fire extinguisher requires the services of a trained and certified technician who has the proper service tools, listed parts, and product manuals. This service is done annually, and is required per NFPA 10 all local and state codes, and AHJs.
  • 6 year Internal Maintenance- Every 6 years from the cylinders manufacturing date is subjected to a internal examination of the inside of the cylinder, new o-rings, valves, and agent then recharged to operating pressure.
  • 12 year Hydro/5 year Hydro- Hydrostatic testing shall be performed by persons who are trained and certified in pressure testing procedures and safeguards. A Hydrostatic test shall always include both an internal and external visual examination of the cylinder.
  • Recharges- All rechargeable type extinguishers shall be recharge after any use or when the need is indicated by an inspection.
  • Recycle/Disposal- We will take any old, outdated, non-rechargeable, or condemned fire extinguishers that cannot be placed back in service, we will dispose of them properly so you don't have to.
  • Fire Extinguisher Rentals- perfect for on site jobs that need fire extinguishers for a short term.

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